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Project: Train, by All Means!
Commissioned by the Rail & City Test-Planning procedure CODE_PATRAS
Location: Patras, Greece
Year: 2014-2015
Client:  ETH Zurich, IRL- Institut für Raum- und Landschaftsentwucklung Professur für Raumentwicklung
Design team @ iocarydi: I. Carydi, F. Kafantaris, N. Katsikis, Urban Planner consultant: prof. D.N. Karidis

Project summary: The project unveils how the rail infrastructure network of North Peloponnese, Greece, can act as a synergetic field for multi-sectoral development through the mobilization of “soft infrastructures” and the appropriation of existing spatio-geographical characteristics. This demand is a crucial one, since the railway line, is now being upgraded to meet technological standards of the TEN-T European corridor and thus raises a wider challenge for urbanization. The proposal does not rely upon the optimization of a single infrastructural element or territorial scale, but rather on the creation of a synthetic landscape operating across varying scales.


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