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October 10, 2020
The intersection of Urban & Ecological Regeneration of Brownfield sites. The case of Lipasmata –Drapetsona in Piraeus Greece.  Public lecture in the two-day Conference: Landscapes of Landscapes, organized by the Department of Interior Architecture, International University of Greece, Thessaloniki, 9-10 October 2020

March 6, 2020

Commentary on “Landscape Urbanism” / An ecological approach to the regeneration of Lipasmata –Drapetsona (notes with text / slides / bibliography, due to postponement of the “live” lecture (due to COVID-19) Postgraduate Program: Architecture –Landscape- Archeology, Erasmus + Joint Programme, course teaching unit by Professor K. Moraitis, School of Architecture, NTUA

May 16, 2019

Urban recovery strategy and methodology for the area of Lipasmata, in Drapetsona
Lecture in the course URBAN PLANNING 2: URBAN PLANNING AND URBAN PLANNING TOOLS, Subject: The Piraeus Peninsula, 6th semester 2019), School of Architecture NTUA, Professors: P. Theodora, E. Klabatsea, S. Lykogianni, E. Miha, K. Serraos (coordinator), E. Tsigas (EDIP)

May 14, 2019

Issues of ecological design and regeneration of burdened coastal landscapes.
Lecture in the SYNTHETIC COURSE OF THE 8TH SEMESTER – LANDSCAPE DESIGN – Architecture of open public spaces in urban and semi urban environments. Subject: Perama: re- inventing the public space on the waterfront, 8th semester 2019, School of Architecture NTUA Teaching team: Th. Pagonis, K. Moraitis, T. Adrianopoulos, E. Haniotou

June 4th-9th,  2018

Re-Streaming The City: Reformative Policies & Landscape Infrastructures for climate change.
Landscape Infrastructures and SUDS, Anti-flood strategies and city resilience
Site-Analysis & Indexical Modeling Techniques.
Lecture Series as scientific director and coordinator of the International Laboratory of Urban Planning “RE-STREAMING THE CITY”, PRD, University of Thessaly, 4-9 June 2018.

May 18, 2018

Designing the former area of Lipasmata in Drapetsona
Lecture in the course Urbanism II: URBAN INTERVENTIONS IN THE URBAN AREA,Subject: Piraeus: The city center, 6th semester 2018, School of Architecture NTUA, teaching team: M. Angelidis, S. Lykogianni, K. Serraos, M. Markou (coordinator), K. Valerianou (EDIP), A. Vasilara (EDIP)

December 8, 2017,

City and Runoff: Restraint or Adaptive Management? Green Tools for urban planning in cities with rivers Symposium of the” Hellenic Network of Cities with Rivers “, 8-9 December, 2017, DEYAL Larissa

November 9, 2017

Recovering Lipasmata
Lecture to postgraduate students of the Architectural Association program, AA- Visiting School, at the invitation of Professor Francesca Hughes, and tutors G. Kovacs, S. Krimizi

October 24, 2017

Landscape Urbanism + Service Ecologies
In the framework of the “Architecture Lecture Series of the year 2017” of the Department of Architecture of the University of Cyprus

May 27, 2017

Integration of Sustainable Hydrological Management Systems in Urban Planning,
Scientific Meeting on: Water, Nature, Science, History, Culture, Coordination: Tegos, S. Professor, University of Crete, Zaros, 27-28 May 2017

12-14 November 2015

Participation in the exhibition CODE PATRAS / RAIL & CITY, with the project “Train, by All Means”.
Exhibition and presentation of the results of the Test Planning Process in Patras, Argyri Market, Patras

May 28, 2014

Landscape Urbanism and planning methodologies for green development
Lecture in the Interdepartmental Program of Postgraduate Studies of the School of Architecture of the NTUA, Direction, Design, Space Culture, Course: Modern fields of Design, Teaching team: G. Parmenidis, D. Papalexopoulos

August 27, 2013

“Seeding” on Terra Firmα, From the Strategic / Political To the Strategic / Operational,
Lecture at the University of Nicosia, School of Architecture, as a guest at the AA Visiting School – Cyprus, Teaching Team: Ά. Dikaios, P. Feraios, M. Georgiou, K. Grigoriadis

March-July 2012

Retrofitting the Square – Urban Design Shifts in the production of urban communal space.
Lecture series in the course: Architecture of open public spaces in urban and natural landscape. Architectural Design 8A, (participation as Lecturer PD 407). Series of Lectures

November 29, 2012

City – Sea entanglements. Bio-remediating Toxi-city in Thermaikos from a planning point of view.
Lecture as a guest in the course Urban Planning 9, School of Architecture NTUA, teaching Team: A. Vozani, M. Babalou, T. Pagonis

January 9, 2012

Landscape and Urban Planning. New approaches for public space design.
Invited to the course of the 3rd Year: 2 Σ 3 01 Urban Planning, Department of Architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, teaching team: A. Karadimou Gerolympou, E. Athanassiou

January 15, 2012

City-sea entanglement mechanisms. Multiplicities on the coastal edge.
Shifts in the production of urban design. New methodological tools

Lectures in the course that I participated as tutor: Urban Planning 9, School of Architecture NTUA, teaching team: A. Kourkoulas, A. Vozani, T. Pagonis

June 9, 2012

The Sea to City nexus through the green landscape planning lens.
Lecture as invited guest in the symposium organized by the magazine “Parallaxi” in the context of the action “Thessaloniki Allios”: Ideas and Suggestions for the coastal front.

December 2007 – February 2008

Participation in the Hong Kong-Shen Zhen by-city Biennale of Architecture and Urban Planning, with the project “Filamentous”, in the Group exhibition of representative works of the postgraduate program Landscape Urbanism of the Architectural Association, London.