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Type:  Research Program
Chief Coordinator: Apigea AE (Thanos Koutsianas) + A. Mazarakis (AUA, Faculty of Crop Science)
Status: Completed
Year: 2017
Location: Metaxochori (Larissa), Kokkina (Farsala), Aigies (Laconia), Rizes (Arkadia)
In Collaboration with: Katsoulakos,L., Katsikis N., Desyllas, M.

The research project takes a focus on regenerative agriculture, bio-periphery landscapes and the potential synergies that can be developed between apiculture and farm growers. Research involved four case studies in large scale bio- farms in Metaxochori, Kokkina, Aigies and Rizes. The subject of the research project reflects the networking of beekeepers and organic growers in the Greek countryside through empirical research on four farms. Io Carydi’s duties in the project involved: studies of landscape patterns based on landscape ecology and land use with the delivery of design prototypes and diagrams as well as conducting a guide of good practices.