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LA offices
OCTO Impact Studio

Type:  Interior Design / Furniture Design / Styling/ Lighting Design
Status: Completed
Area: 135 sq.m.
Year: 2018
Location: Athens
Design: Io Carydi in partnership with Yiannis Machairas

The project involves the conversion and renovation of a former 1930s flat to office space in order to house Octo Impact Studio (Business Consulting Company) and also to provide facilities that co-house partners of Octo. The client requested the facilitation of communal meeting spaces but also the possibility to separate spaces for private functions when needed. Two new folding doors with wooden frames and striated glass where constructed in order to facilitate a central separate area but simultaneously allow natural light to reach inner areas. A minimal approach comprises the design strategy with modular custom-made working surfaces and cupboards that have a minimal character and contradict with the art-deco ornamental details of the walls and ceilings. Walnut veneering, anthracite metal, cypress –green cupboards, Cleaf laminates, birch plywood and white marble from Thasos, include the cool toned materials used in the designed furniture. High-end lighting and matching tone styling features where carefully selected to complete the ambience. The wall color palette comprised of cobalt blue and cool grey and aimed for subtle and less bright tones to aid calmness and help consecration but once again contrast with the white ornamental details.