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Type: Public Space design / Greek Architectural Competition
Status: 1st prize
Year: 2008
Area: 7000 sq.m.
Location: Filothei, Greece
Collaborators: G. Koufakis, Y. Giounnis, M. Katzagiannaki
Consultants: A. Karidis, N. Mavronikolaou (ΥΔΡΕΤΜΕ Ε.Π.Ε.)

1st prize, Urban Park in Filothei

The municipality’s request for a new community park on a marginal block in Filothei -Athens, demanded not only  the activation of a new green parcel able to mitigate sound pollution from the nearby highway, but also storm water attenuation and a strategic scheme that could deliver  sustainable solutions in a short term frame in financially sound solutions. The proposal addresses the gradual transformation and reshaping of the ground through a set of calculated procedures that stage material transformations necessary to establish specific relationships between existing and proposed ecological systems and programs on the site.  Our winning proposal unveils the previously dumped river path that runs underneath the park. Water, sun and earthmounts become the parametric components that create a miniature and self-maintained environment for urban experience. These bring together three interconnected systems that deliver integrated sustainability: water /vegetation / energy production. A set of operations introduce a new hydrological pattern  formed as an ecologic loop  that  makes extensive provisions for energy production and supply on site, for run off attenuation and for water storage for future uses and irrigation.