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Type:  Garden refurbishment / Outdoor areas design / Lighting Design/ Day shed Status: Under construction
Construction: Attiki Anaplasi / GB Landscapes
Area: 2500 sq.m.
Year: 2020
Location: Kalamos, Attiki
Collaborators: V. Hionidou, K. Kelesidou (A|Techtonics), Y. Machairas

The project is situated in “Kanalia”, a sparsely built-up area where the seaside plots are arrayed with their short façade towards the coast. With the deterioration and environmental degradation of the seaside area of Evoikos Gulf the client has modified a considerable portion of the garden to facilitate a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi.  The refurbishment involved all outside areas of the modest ‘70s bungalow house in consideration with its new outside water features.  The main focus was the use of vegetation as a structural element in order to facilitate long vistas towards the sea, to find distinctions between communal gathering spaces and isolation pockets as well as to provide spots for diverse activities (outdoor protected shed for cooking and dining, shadowy corners for relaxation, sunbathing areas, playground and gardening spots). A loosely defined path created out of cast-in- place pavers minimizes segregation allowing grassy areas to be the dominant feature.