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LA offices

Type: Outdoor design, Landscape design
Status: Concept Design
Year: 2015
Location: Greece
Area: 15O stremmata
Collaborators: V. Vasileiadis, A. Vranaki, K. Margariti, L. Katsoulakos, D. Tzavaras, K. Mountzouris

Amidst 150 stremmata of a three -hundred -year old olive grove with several thickets of pines, the landscape design approach orchestrates new living spaces with soft curved boundaries in order to inform enclaves of tranquillity in a listed 19th century establishment. With the request to design an outdoor kitchen area, the proposal takes a twist to the traditional Mediterranean oven, recomposing it here as an open-air linear multipurpose kitchen combining Italian oven and grill, surrounded by aromatic herbs and shrubs in the circumference of a sunken dining area.