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LA offices

Type: Landscape refurbishment
Status: Completed
Year: 2016
Location: Santorini, Greece
Collaborators: L. Katsoulakos, Y. Machairas
Contractor: G. Stavrou
Interior Design (refurbishment): Fifth Element Interiors

The landscape refurbishment focuses on plants with strong textural identity and architectural character. Minimal and slender grasses merge with phrygana, aromatics and succulents in a fresh Mediterranean theme. The selections are carefully oriented to varieties that are dry resistant as well as saline resistant with a main priority to adapt to the local climate conditions of the island. All green arrangements expand the theme of the Mediterranean context and the features of Caldera’s spectacular natural scenery. The pairings of plants aim for an elegant and relaxed environment, adding dashes of foliage, scents and texture, where necessary, while they underline the minimal architectural identity of the hotel and the topography of the Caldera. The persistence of grasses in all border plantings introduces refined fountain -like clumps in a moving landscape, a “tableau vivant” of delicate stalks and leaves that dance delightfully under the soft breeze of Imerovigli.