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Type: Research Program, NTUA
Year: 2012-2013
Title: Investigation Strategies for Networking of Urban Interventions in the Metropolis of Athens (in Greek)
Sub research field: Elaionas & Iera Odos
Research Coordinator: G. Parmenidis, professor NTUA
Chief Researcher: N. Marda, professor NTUA
Research team: N. Marda, G. Stavroulaki, Ι. Carydi, K. Kalfa, V. Moustakas

Io Carydi’s research duties included: Design Research & Documentation of informal economy in the area of Elaionas. Proposal of Green Infrastructure Alternatives for the urban re-appropriation of the area of Elaionas, Urban Design Cartography and Strategy diagrams for the implementation of Research and Development initiatives based on emerging industrial ecologies that incorporate productive, cultural and ecological priorities.

The following images are extracts from the Research Program and showcase the design work Io Carydi