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Cam Ranh, Wellness Resort

Type: Masterplanning, Landscape design,
Status: Concept Design (competition by invitation)
Year: 2014
Area: 15 hectares
Location: Vietnam
Collaborators: G. Koufakis, K. Dimas
Contractor: State Development, Russia

The proposal brings forward a landscape concept that takes into account the local climatic context. The dunescapes are being re interpreted in a fengh shui concept that deals with the balance of winds and waters. It is in this dynamic environment comprised of sands, winds, water and dunes where the landscape strategy finds the ingredients for a unique experience of habitation. The concept of the sand dunes reformulated into distinctive ridges and valleys acts both as a mitigation strategy for tsunamis as well as a tectonic formation that encourages an open and playful environment, spirited movement and an ever-changing visual field that helps orientation and discovery. Water is strongly related to the Vietnamese culture. A series of Zen Gardens, Ponds, pools, wetlands and thalasso-therapy expand the wet theme from inland towards the seaside but are all brought together into one organizational spine across a diversity of distinctive environments for relaxation and wellness. Together with the diverse programmatic possibilities a sustainable drainage system of soft swales helps the collection, purification and recycling of rain water for irrigation purposes.