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Type: Apartment refurbishment–Custom furniture design
Status: Completed
Area: 135sq.m.
Year: 2021
Location: Glyfada, Athens.
Architectural Study / Supervision: Io Carydi
Collaborators: V. Hionidou, S. Chrysina
Contractor: J.Lalousis
E/M: N.Karayiannis
Photos: I. Carydi, A. Drolapas

This project is a renovation of an 80’s suburban apartment. Spring and fall Equinox, as well as winter solstice were taken into account as far as it concerns the way the natural light is absorbed, reflected and refracted by the surfaces and shapes in space.The design, released all formerly segregated areas to a fluid open plan where dining and working-from-home, benefit from the use of the same shared areas. Custom design for furniture such as the library, the coffee / wine corner shelves, and the entrance “totem” library, have all been integrated with a soft touch in space allowing the eye to roam the space on all diagonal aspects of the apartment. The construction phase briefly involved wall finishing, fireplace refurbishment, replacement of the previously porcelain tiled floor with oak engineered hardwood flooring, removal of intermediary walls and a custom design of kitchen with dining and working areas in oak veneering for the bottom cupboards and white mat lacquered finishing for the upper cupboards, pantry, fridge and port-manteaux corner.